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Top Notch Fidget Hand Spinner Stress Reducer Ultra Durable High Speed Ceramic Bearing Fidget Finger Toy for ADD ADHD Anxiety Autism Stress Relief

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  • ● Fidgetabit Fidget Spinners are extremely addicting, made with the top notch material, this spinner's sole purpose is to help you focus no matter where you are. Along with beautiful colors, this spinner not only beautiful to look at, but provides a beautiful spin that last for minutes. Fidgetabit provides you with the best focus toy while playing cards and other games.
  • ● Sold By qimengstore Only - !! WE GUARANTEED the Quality! Fidgetabit is the perfect toy to deal with anxiety in the most beautiful and simple way. We understand that fidget toys has been around for a while. But our goal is to create the perfect toy to help you deal with stressful environments.
  • ● Material: Equipped with High-Grade R188 Steel ball bearing and well balanced outer frame. As you play with the spinner the bearings will break in and only become faster and smoother.
  • ● Guarantee long ideal spin times: Equipped with ultra fast bearing and a well balanced frame to perfection to provide long spin times, Can spin for at least 2 minutes!!! Such a nice items to have while waiting for others to decide on what card to play or for your friends to make the next move in the game.
  • ● These Steel ball bearings can be removed and upgraded, Fidget with one or both hands with variety of playing patters. This really is the ideal tool to battle Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits and Staying Awake. This toy is easy to carry, simple small and discrete. Really effective to focus and have fun at the same time!

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